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Radiant Cut Diamonds

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Radiant Cut Diamond

During the 1970's, the emerald-cut diamond was becoming less popular because it did not offer the sparkle and brilliance of a round-cut diamond or the symmetry of the princess-cut diamond. However, many loved the classic and elegant rectangular look that the emerald-cut diamond or the square look of the Asscher-cut diamond offered and loved the symmetry of the princess-cut diamond. Therefore, in 1977 Henry Grossbard developed the radiant-cut diamond to bring out the sparkle of a round-brilliant cut diamond, the symmetry of a princess-cut diamond and the beautiful and elegant shape of the emerald-cut diamond or Asscher-cut diamond. Furthermore, the radiant-cut diamond can be either square or rectangular. In addition, the radiant-cut diamond has trimmed corners, unlike the princess-cut diamond, thus protecting the corners of the radiant-cut diamond.

The radiant-cut diamond, also known as “cut corner rectangular modified brilliant” and “cut corner square modified brilliant,” has 70 facets, all of which maximize the effects of its light reflection and refraction, which is what, enables the diamond to have the sparkle and brilliance of a round brilliant-cut diamond.  It is the first rectangular cut of diamond (the second is the princess-cut diamond) to feature the same pattern of crown and pavilion facets as a round brilliant cut, resulting in a more dazzling diamond than an emerald cut.  For this reason, it is important to notice the length and width of the radiant-cut diamond.  Furthermore, like the marquis-cut diamond, the oval-cut diamond and the pear shape cut diamond, the longer the radiant-cut diamond is (rectangular in shape), there is a greater “bow tie” effect.  If you are looking for a square shaped radiant-cut diamond, look for a ratio of 1.05 or less.If you are looking for a diamond that has the shape of an emerald-cut diamond but the brilliance of a brilliant-round cut diamond, look for a radiant-cut diamond of a ratio of 1.05 or more.

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