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Emerald Cut Diamonds

Avital & Co.

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Emerald-Cut Diamond

This cut was originally created to enhance the vivid green color of emeralds and was made popular during the Art Deco period by diamond cutters. Bearing a feeling of timeless elegance and tranquility, this beautiful and precise traditional diamond shape speaks of refined style and inherent beauty.

The emerald-cut diamond, also known as a step cut due to its concentric facets that look like stairs (similar to the Asscher Cut), is a rectangular shaped diamond with a larger, open “table” (“table” is the top of a diamond) and fewer facets, thus highlighting the clarity of the diamond more than any other diamond shape. The emerald-cut diamond has 58 facets (25 pavilion, 25 crown, and 8 girdle), and eight sides as the four “corners” are actually short sides. The corners are cut with steps—parallel, graduated planes to protect the stone. The culet is dependent on the length-width ratio of the diamond—it is a point if the diamond is a square and a line when the diamond is longer. The way these elements work together, through facet shapes, angles, and sizes, creates a diamond with less brilliance and light dispersion. Therefore, people who choose this cut of diamond choose it for its elegance, unique sophistication and a feeling of aristocracy.

When choosing an emerald-cut diamond, it is important to take into consideration the cut, clarity, and color of the diamond. Due to the way this type of diamond is cut causing a mirror effect that is created by the beautiful facets of the emerald-cut, inclusions are more visible in an emerald-cut diamond than in other diamond cuts. Thus, the color of an emerald-cut diamond is more noticeable. Therefore, at Avital and Co., located in the heart of the world famous Diamond District in New York City (NYC), we recommend when choosing an emerald-cut diamond, you choose a diamond of a higher clarity and color.

If you are interested in purchasing an emerald-cut diamond, please email us at or call us at 212-764-6851 during our storehours.

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