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Cushion Cut Diamonds

Avital & Co.

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Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion-cut diamond is believed to have been worn since the 1830's and was considered “the” fashionable cut during the 18th century. For this reason, it is now considered an antique look.  Therefore, the cushion-cut diamond is a great choice when you want something that gives off an antique feel in your diamond jewelry. Also known as the pillow cut (because of its square cut with rounded corners), the old-mind cut, and the candlelight cut (because of its ability to admit a beautiful ray of sparkle when in close romantic candlelight), the cushion-cut diamond is between a rectangular-oval and oval so its length-to-width ratio varies.  Simply put, it is a rectangle or square with rounded corners, but it also engages larger facets and an open culet to display the diamond’s depth.

Although the cushion-cut diamond gives off less fire than the round-brilliant cut diamond, as the round brilliant cut diamond it has 58 facets, which enables the diamond to display a beautiful ray of sparkle.

Traditional cushion diamonds were cut differently than modern day cushion cut diamonds.  Traditional cushion diamonds usually include steeper crowns, smaller tables, and larger culets therefore returning light in a chunkier pattern than modern day cuts.  Due to refinements made by Marcel Tolkowsky in the 1920's, the cushion cut diamond has become more popular because it now emit more fire and brilliance than traditional cushion-cut diamonds by shrinking the culet and enlarging the table.  This is what has improved the brilliance and fire in the modern day cushion-cut diamond.

Whether you like a square shape cushion-cut diamond or a rectangular shape cushion-cut diamond, both are beautiful and classic in all settings and in all pieces of diamond jewelry.  For a square shape cushion diamond, Avital and Co., located in the heart of the world famous Diamond District in New York City (NYC), recommends a length-to-width ratio between 1.0 – 1.05 and for a rectangular shaped cushion-cut diamond, Avital and Co. recommends a ratio of 1.15 and greater.

If you are interested in purchasing a cushion-cut diamond, please email us at or call us at 212-764-6851 during our store hours.

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